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Mental Health Matters

Friends who are advocating for the mental health of young persons

We are building the largest community of mentally aware young people, working collectively to boost tolerance, enhance positive mental health and improve peer to peer learning.

Increasing access to quality mental health support.

School Based Mental Health Education

Creating a mentally conducive learning environment.

Self Management

Equiping young people with skills that enhance coping mechanisms.

Community Mobilization For Mental Health Advocacy

Uniting Minds, Strengthening Hearts: Igniting the Power of Community for Mental Health Advocacy.

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Learn About Us

Friends Advocacy for Mental health Initiative is a Youth-led Youth focused not-for-profit organization aimed at taking quality mental health awareness and services to rural communities and schools. Borne out of the necessity to advocate wholesomely for the mental health of young people, specifically adolescents, the Initiative has incorporated different sectors in it’s dissemination of information, ranging from the Adolescents Safe Haven club in high schools across Nigeria, to its intergenerational and interfaith dialogues serving as a connector to break through the stigmatization and stereotyping of Adolescents seeking psychological support.
What We Offer
✓ Child Psychotherapy
✓ Family Counseling
✓Art Therapy
✓General Counseling
School based Mental Health Education
✓ Mental Health Awareness Via the Adolescents Safe Haven club
✓ Teacher Training to enhance mentally conducive learning environment.
Self Management
✓ 3 months guided peer to peer learning for self discovery and Management
✓ Coping resources for adolescents
Community Mobilization For Mental Health Advocacy​
✓ Inter-Generational dialogue
✓ Interfaith dialogue
✓ Community- Family Partnership for Adolescent Mental Health Support.

Your Donation Matters

Your donation matters. It helps us to mobilize communities to advocate for mental health, raise awareness about mental health issues, and provide resources to those who need them. Every donation, no matter how small, makes a difference.
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Real Life Stories

We use real time data to create real life impact.
Awesome Services!
"Since I joined the ASH club, I have learnt to be more expressive especially with my mum. She commends the work you do for us"
Adolescents Safe Haven club
Awesome Services!
"This club feels like home, it is a place where I can find my voice and be happy for the duration it lasts"
Adolescent Safe Haven club

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